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Is a handmade leather boot with limited quantity, made in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. We also provide the other finest handmade leather product based on customer goods. Using fine and selected material, traditionally made and supervised by an expert. Since 1998, TEGEP BOOTS has produced fine handmade leather boots which originally designed and patterned by Mr. Tegep Oktaviansyah. The distinctively shape and pattern is the reason we’ll always stay faithful to the slow, time honored methods our founder insisted upon.

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Legendary Bootmaker, Customized Shoes and Leather Product in Indonesia @tegepbootsstore
Handmade with pride since 1997

Comrades Motocycle

Fine art of motorcycle culture. 99% biker 1% attitude.


Comrades MotoCycle is an national fashion brand that developing to be a well-known fine culture art brand by representing outstanding brand value in quality and innovation. since 2004. Founded in Bandung, works basis on consistency and craftmanship quality, fused with motorcycle culture and tradition.

Jalan Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 104 Bandung 40264, Indonesia

Jl. Pasirjaya VI No. 18 Bandung 40254, Indonesia

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All product are handmade. Made with consentration, detail, good technique, good matherial and quality. Need effort and experiant to made some specials.

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Clubman for SOLE, COMRADES MOTOCYCLE for a Premium Limited of Bikers Lifestyle.

The Best Indonesian Handmade Custom Boots Handcrafted with Pride in BandungIndonesia
Handcrafted with Pride in Bandung, Indonesia.

Hand Made Leather Boots, Biker Clothing Accessories, Leather Goods, The Best Indonesian Handmade Custom Boots.

STORE : Jalan Pelajar Pejuang 45 No. 104 Bandung 40264, Indonesia | WORKSHOP : Jl. Pasirjaya VI No. 18 Bandung 40254